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"Your passion is your most valuable possession. For what makes you unique cannot be duplicated, nor stolen by anyone." Prince M.

Greetings and welcome to the Urban Abstract site. I hope that you may find atleast one thing of interest as you browse by. This site will include post of poetry, original quotes, and other forms of art. I ask that you not try to steal any body of work and pass it off as your own. Thank You. Enjoy.

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You don’t get a pause or rewind button in life. Just pray if you make mistakes there’s still time left to play.

I Will Wait For You- By poet Janette

3 years ago
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The Art of Storytelling

Walking to the back anxious to recline in my seat

Scheduled for a personal meeting that I dare repeat

Not all fun, but something I’m addicted to

Taking off my shirt, playing in my head “sweetest taboo”

Cuz that’s just what it is, something I choose not to quit

Some hate it, others love it and I think its magnificent

Pictures and drawing surround me like I’m in a 3d collage

Looking at the black puddle that’ll soon trace my body parts

Pain is love and my heart thumps evertime I drawn a personal portrait

Expression of body, mind, and soul A piece of skin I solemnly forfeit

Pieces of my spirit you can put together

Some marks heal over time but these will stand the weather

When it’s created and thought of with love it appeals to many

Not in agreement with those who’s intentions are to be covered with plenty

Clean needles set out, skin cleaned, and the doctor preps my shot

And it won’t be one or two A needle gun traces what he drew

Some bleeding, a little swelling

Itching and peeling all for the sake of story telling

So when you see me

You are viewing me

Always on display, my many expressions

The art of storytelling

3 years ago
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Woman Appreciation

My love for you and yours alike goes more pass the words expressed to you in following stanzas

But see I’ve had my eyes on you before my vision could fully appreciate the beauty that you possess

Before my hands could process the softness warmth of your bodily skin

Before my mind could retain the immaculate imagery you placed deep within my subconscious

And yea I know it’s been awhile since we last proclaimed our appreciation

And you have since grown weary of the procrastination

But do not fret and do not give up just yet due to the lack of sensation

Because I’m here to let you know you are the reason for it all and without you there’s nothing

You sacrificed it all and made us into something

We built and destroyed and built again

And behind us you stood never dropping your grin

Head held high, confidence and pride always intact

You were built never to be destroyed, never to be a tool with just a recliner in your back

I know it’s been awhile and I know it’s long overdue

But you are love because love is you

There could never be me without you because you are part of me

I hold you on the highest pedestal making sure no one can be placed over you

You are the reason for sunny days and dreamy nights

You bring more to the world than anything else because you create life

A man’s most prized possession is a woman

A man’s most prized possession is a woman

I’m grateful for each and every one of you

~Prince M.

3 years ago
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I never posted this! I did it last summer for a music project entitled “Chocolate Tie”. It was apart of a series. The older works are in previous pages in this blog.

Original work by “X Payne”


I never posted this! I did it last summer for a music project entitled “Chocolate Tie”. It was apart of a series. The older works are in previous pages in this blog.

Original work by “X Payne”

3 years ago
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Mama Nature: Fall…Full of color, when everything is most alive.


Mama Nature: Fall…Full of color, when everything is most alive.

3 years ago
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Words Never Spoke

You had me before hello

One look was all it took

You were my prized possession

I had to claim you no matter how much you had me shook

Breath loss to the words of empty sound

Bearing no weight or merit

I sound asthmatic you could say

As you walk pass and glance my way

All I muster is a faint…”hey”

You were a sight

You had it all going on

I mastered in my head what should have been told to you instead

Behold! A goddess!

A divine beauty held to the highest stature

She is my sun and I’m filled with warmth by just being in her near presence

Days into months and I no longer feel alone

Your presence fills my very existence in person and on the phone

A blessing, a true gift in my life

And the bow was neatly placed when you became my wife

Forever, its beautiful word, its true

But that’s when love is included

Forever is a bitch, cause I don’t have you

Eyes backed up with water to the point of flooding

Its my fault I never manned up

Never said nothing

Time escaped me like I was in captivity

Someone else spoke your praises and made you their specialty

Too busy playing dreamcast

Dreaming of casting your attention

Stuck in practice mode, never pressing start

I procrastinated, I lost the game of your heart

I wish I had stepped to you that day

I wish there was more to these depressions wrote

I wish I had said to you the words I never spoke

3 years ago
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To Hip Hop

You aren’t the best role model but you are the best at keeping it real

You gave a middle finger to a whole country, regardless of how anyone would feel

You showed me my first dance move and taught me my first slang

You gave me a sense of dress and gave me insight into the game

You taught me cash rules everything and being broke is worst than anything

It’s a hard knock life and people will do everything for anything

Times get hard, drug prices go up

It’s dangerous in the summer, trap boom and go nuts

People love you when you down and will hate you when u make it

Friends can be your biggest down fall, jealousy underrated

You told me bed time stories of the horrors of the hood

You taught me it’s cool to say the fuck the police and at the end of the day it’s all good

You speak on behalf of the haves and have knots

Those locked down and those getting out

Binged up and junked out

Club hoppers and house crashers

Politicians and seeking redemption

You kept it gangsta, you got us crunk

You helped us get alleviated, you taught us how to have fun

I learned the word bitch and not to love these hoes

But I was taught to appreciate them and eventually one would get chose

I learned to be controversial, I mean it is the reality of society

I love to picture myself rolling and if I ruled the world is my daily dream

You showed me the art of storytelling and I was the avid listener and student

You broke down every metaphor and ebonic until I was fluent

You wrote powerful lyrics and presented complex poetry

You were at the center of riots, upliftment, and complexities

Rumors floated you died and others say they use to love you

I’m still your eager student and even when you’re wrong I trust you

You’ve been complex and you’ve been discredited

They have cursed your name and they have celebrated it

Here’s my toast to hip hop for keeping it 100 percent true

A voice for the world, both well used and misused

~Prince M.

3 years ago
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Dead End

Living life, speeding on a crash course

One would think to slow down, but I guess there’s no planned thinking when you’re in the moment

Live fast, die young

Sounds fun huh

Motto of those living the get quick way

Until it’s time to die that is, fade away

So much more to live for

So much more and bigger things to score

In this game of life

But when that foot is down on acceleration

Listening to that Ricky Bobby GPS Navigation

Leading you to believe if you aint got it first, then you aint got it all

That is until you got first what everyone wants to keep on pause

I guess one is the loneliest number

Another crash dummy statistic as they file your results and write it all down

Cause of death, ignorance and dumbfound

What now

Like they say in the movies, that’s a wrap

And now as you, like many others, race through this crash test

Enjoy the moment young brother

Because you like many others will reach the same destination

Smashed into the cement wall

Dead End

~Prince M.

3 years ago
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In the midst of defeat, there is a victory in earning respect.